Hypak® Flashspun For Cold Storage Floor

The internal temperature of the cold storage is generally -30℃~-10℃, which is very different from the outside temperature, so it is easy to form condensation water.


Therefore, the envelope structure should have good thermal insulation and waterproof functions.


Hypak® Flashspun Ensures Flexible Water Vapor Management System


Waterproof & Breathable


The water vapor of the air always permeates from the high-temperature side to the low-temperature side. A special air insulation membrane for cold storage is arranged on the high-temperature side of the insulation layer, while Hypak® waterproof & breathable material with strong hydrophobic and breathability is arranged on the low-temperature side, which can not only prevents water vapor from entering the insulation layer but also allow the water infiltrating into the envelope to diffuse.


Reduce Energy Consumption


The combination of dredging and blocking can avoid the accumulation of water vapor in the envelope, keep the insulation layer dry, reduce the probability of cold bridge formation and the frost heave damage probability of the insulation layer, improve the insulation capacity of buildings and reduce energy consumption.


Highlights of Hypak® Flashspun in Cold Storage Floor

Waterproof & Breathable


Reflective air insulation membrane: block most of the water vapor


Waterproof breathable membrane: allow a small amount of water vapor to pass through.


Highly Reflective


After processing, Hypak® can effectively reflect thermal radiation (near-infrared reflectivity up to 90%) and enhance thermal insulation performance.


Vapour barrier and breathability


The water vapor permeation of the vapor insulation material is less than 1.5 g/m2 24h, which can effectively block the water vapor permeation from the high temperature side of the cold storage to the insulation layer; the Hypak® water resistive and vapour permeance barriers can realize waterproofing and allow water vapor to be discharged smoothly, keeping the insulation layer dry and avoiding condensation and frost heaving.


Schematic Diagram Of Ground Structure Of Cold Storage


Effectively reduce the temperature fluctuation in the cold storage, create a stable low temperature environment and improve the storage quality.



Reduce the probability of cold bridge formation, reduce cold consumption and refrigeration cost.