Flashspun Material: Hypak®


Hypak® is a special fiber material independently developed by Kingwills®, which is made by flash spun.


The natural color is white, and it is presented in two different structural forms.


Hard structural materials like paper and soft structural materials like cloth.


Suitable for a variety of processing techniques and has strong plasticity. It is widely used in high and mid-end application scenarios and industries of non-woven fabrics and specialty papers.


Why Choose Hypak®?

Tear Resistant · Flexible


Hypak® is very strong and resistant to tearing, puncturing, folding, and temperature differences.


*Hypak® will not show any loss in an extremely cold or hot environment and can withstand the temperature range of -75℃~+118℃.


Hypak® has both soft structures as cloth and a hard structure as paper and is lighter than paper.


Tear Resistant · Flexible

Waterproof · Dustproof · Antibacterial · Breathable

Safety · Cleanable Peeling

Durable · Recyclable

Easy To Process And Print


Flashspun Hypak™ Lightweight Breathable Fabric Material Of Hdpe Fabric

The emergence and mass production of Hypak® has filled the capacity shortage in the global market for flash spinning applications, which was a technology monopoly for nearly 60 years.


In 2022, Hypak® mass production base was put into operation in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, and now has a 3,000-ton production line for flash spinning.


There are a wide range of application scenarios in the global building energy saving, medical packaging, safety and protection, industrial innovation and consumer goods fields.


Applications of Flashspun Hypak®

Healthcare Packaging

Building Envelopes

Protective Apparel

Industrial Innovation

Creative Life