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Injection Mold Manufacturing Services

Plastic injection mold machining is a manufacturing process that requires an injection molding machine, raw plastic resin, injection mold tools.


The precision plastic injection molding process consists of the following key steps.


Step 1: The plastic resin begins as raw plastic pellets. These have been treated by drying, and then if necessary dyeing with pigments or master batch colorants.


Step 2: The pallets are fed into the machine through a funnel-shaped hopper. A reciprocating screw inside the barrel of the machine will inject these resins into the mold’s runner system.


Step 3: Resin pallets are loaded into a heated and compressed chamber called the barrel where they will be melted, forming the liquid resin.


Step 4: The melted resin enters into the mold cavity through a nozzle under high pressure.


Step 5: After the mold’s cooling and solidification, the part has been demoulded to the shape of the mold cavity.