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Iohexol Injection

Iohexol Injection is a non-ionic Contrast Media. Compared with a traditional ionic Contrast Media, Iohexol Injection has an excellent molecular structure and it can greatly improve user safety and significantly reduce adverse reactions.  The iodinated contrast agent has excellent clinical feedback and good imaging results. In 1998, Iohexol Injection was launched as Beilu’s 1st iodinated Contrast Media.


Product name: Iohexol Injection


Generic name: Iohexol Injection


Type: Injectable Contrast Media for CT/X-ray


Ingredients: Iohexol




(1) 20 ml: 6 gI         (2) 50 ml: 15 gI


(3) 75 ml: 22.5 gI    (4) 100 ml: 30 gI


(5) 20 ml: 7 gI         (6) 50 ml: 17.5 gI


(7) 100 ml: 35 gI


Administration: For injection or oral use of iodinated contrast


Adverse reactions: See the details from the package insert


Shelf life: 36 months.