Transportation Test for Packaging

Transport packaging test items: Vibration test, impact test (impact, drop, bump, rolling, tip/tip over, etc.), temperature and humidity treatment test, compression test, etc.


Transportation Simulation Testing

Comply with relevant IEC and national standards. Transportation simulation testing involves the application or simulation of environments found in the transport of goods and equipment. These environments may include vibration, drop or shock, temperature, loose cargo or bounce, as well as other dynamic or climatic environments. View More         

Amazon Package Testing

Amazon ISTA Project test series includes 6 test types, which are divided into Type A-Type F according to product specifications. Amazon has released two shipping packaging test standards, namely ISTA 6 SIOC and ISTA 6 OB. Amazon packaging certification is divided into three levels, Tier 1 (FFP), Tier 2 (SIOC), and Tier 3 ( PFP) View More         

Express Packaging Green Product Certification

Green packaging certification application scope, certification model, certification procedure. The General Administration of Market Supervision and the State Post Bureau jointly issued the “Regulations on Green Product Certification for Express Packages”, which clarified the product scope and implementation procedures of green product certification for express packages. The implementation of this certification rule will further increase the environmental awareness of the express industry and promote the recycling of resources. In the “Technical Requirements for Green Product Evaluation of Express Packages” issued by the State Post Bureau, packaging boxes need to meet the requirements of resource attributes, environmental attributes, and quality attributes. Among them, the environmental attributes affect the heavy metals, benzene series, and volatile organic compounds in the packaging boxes. Specific requirements have been made for the content of toxic and hazardous substances. View More         

Packaging Materials Testing

Physical properties, environmental protection, degradable, depending on food contact materials. The main test items of packaging materials: bending, shearing, edge impact, cushion impact, pressure, corner drop, bonding strength, moisture content, uniform load strength, deflection, etc. View More 


The Benefit of Transit Test Packaging


Product to market time reduction 


Confidence in product launch 


Reduction in damages and product loss 


Balanced distribution costs 


Customer satisfaction contributing to increased market share


The Benefit of Medical Device Package Testing

With the development of the national economy and the improvement of the quality of life of the people, people pay more attention to health and make the medical industry develop rapidly. Relevant departments are also increasingly controlling medical device packaging verification, and related standard documents are becoming more and more complete. At present, both domestic and foreign registration and certification have requirements for medical device packaging verification. The most widely adopted standards at this stage generally include: ASTM D4169, ISTA2A, ISTA3A, ISTA 3E, ISTA3B, GB/T 4857 standard series and other highly recognized transportation packaging testing standards. Among them, because the ASTM D4169 standard is more than the US FDA The early approved transport packaging testing standards are also adopted more frequently. Among them, the GB/T4857 series are used in China.


The Benefit of fedex package testing

FedEx packaging testing is based on industry data as well as international testing procedures and standards to provide reliable packaging testing. Through FedEx packaging test, we can predict shipping risk in advance, reduce packaging product damage and development cost, and make products to market faster.

What Are The Test Items For Transport Packaging?

Transport and package testing includes: 


Environmental pretreatment test (temperature, damp heat, salt spray, spray, water immersion)


Stacking compression test


Packaging clamping force test


Free drop test packaging


Rotate and drop


Horizontal/inclined impact test


Vibration test (sine fixed frequency, sine frequency conversion, random)


Tipping test


Rolling test


Stability test


Hazardous material impact test


Crash/impact test


Low air pressure test


Forklift handling test


Field test