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Is it good for you to use a standing desk all day?


As you probably already know, sitting for too long is super harmful and can seriously reduce our quality of life. There are many benefits of using a best standing desk at work.But what are the health benefits of standing at work?Alleviate lower back pain – People with back or leg problems simply cannot stand the stress of sitting at a desk for long periods of time. A 2011 CDC study confirmed what many standers already knew: Standing desk users experienced a 54 percent reduction in back pain. Even standing for an hour a day can reduce the stress on the spine caused by sitting all day. (Tip: If pain relief is your main motivation for getting up, be sure to choose a sit-stand desk, which allows you to easily switch between sitting and standing to find the best position for you and take control of your work space. )

Prevent neck strain – Sitting for extended periods of time often causes your neck to stretch toward the monitor as your spine forms an unwanted “C” shape. According to Cedars Saini, standing at work tends to elongate your spine and restore your spine to a healthy “S” shape. Using a laptop stand instead of sitting allows your neck to be in a natural, less tense position. (We always recommend FEZIBO standing desk electric)

Relieve shoulder pain – Likewise, poor sitting posture can make our shoulders arch and cause pain. Working at an ergonomic desk will naturally bring your shoulders back into a balanced position. Avoid leg pain – most office chairs will hurt your legs. The throbbing you feel in the back of your thighs is due to your veins and arteries being squeezed like garden hoses. Using a standing-height desk at work allows the blood to flow freely to your toes. Exercise is a super easy way to get rid of leg pain. Reduced headaches – By reducing stress, people who use standing computer desks report a reduction in the frequency and intensity of headaches. Further research is needed to determine the exact cause, but when your body is in better posture and there is less strain on your neck and shoulders, expect the headache to decrease.Performance benefits of adjustable gaming desksIncreased Energy – The first change new standers notice is that instead of getting tired, standing will give you an energy boost equivalent to a tall cup of coffee without crashing. If you use a high standing computer desk, your blood will flow freely and deliver more oxygen to your muscles, making you feel better and longer. This new burst of energy is the first critical step in a virtuous cycle, as more energy leads you to many of the following benefits.

Be more productive – get more work done. If you use a small standing desk, it increases blood flow and boosts energy levels. A study from the Texas A&M Health Science Center’s School of Public Health confirmed that standing can increase productivity by up to 46 percent. This landmark study also showed that after 60 days of using a sit-stand desk, you will become more productive. (As you adjust to your new workspace, you may find other ways to be more productive.)

Increases Lung Capacity – Sitting in a slouchy “C” position compresses your ribcage and reduces your lung capacity. Using a standing desk can lengthen your lungs. More lung capacity means more oxygen, which leads to better physical and mental function. Low energy is the number one factor people cite as low productivity. Imagine your next performance review when you complete all your projects on time. Your boss will notice your increased production.Improved Circulation – Circulation is truly “zero health benefits” because better circulation directly leads to many other benefits. Almost every one of these 44 benefits depends on improving circulation. When you’re standing at an ergonomic desk, even on a part-time basis, your blood flows better and you can avoid the myriad of problems that plague people who sit all day.

Reduce Cardiovascular Disease – A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to countless cardiovascular problems. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to high blood pressure, increased plaque and elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol. Dr. LaCroix reports that people who are sedentary are more than twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease as those who are active in the office.

Reduced risk of heart attack – According to Dr. James Levine, prolonged sitting can lead to an approximately 125% increased risk of chest pain or heart attack. Why risk cardiovascular disease when you can reduce your risk by just standing for a few hours a day?

Reduce diabetes risk – Exercise and exercise are key elements in the fight against diabetes. After a day of sitting still, insulin’s ability to process sugar plummets and the risk of type 2 diabetes increases. One researcher found a 40% drop in insulin effectiveness. . . in just 24 hours! Your body basically goes to sleep when your body is inactive for a long time, such as when sitting. Your metabolism slows, all of which increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Reduced cancer risk – Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of colon, breast and endometrial cancer. The reason is unclear, but one theory is that excess insulin promotes cell growth. Another reason is that regular exercise boosts natural antioxidants, which kill free radicals that damage cells and can lead to cancer. The American Cancer Society warns that sitting for more than 6 hours a day can rapidly increase the risk of cancer in both men and women.


Are you still standing in front of the computer?If not, at least hopefully we’ve opened your mind to the possibilities of changing your workspace. The first step is to open up to the health benefits of standing desk cranks. Everyone will make changes according to their own schedule.Every 30 minutes or so, walk away from your desk. Head to a colleague’s desk or relax with a drink by the fountain. Even if you stand more, don’t forget to get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise 5 days a week.

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