Is the effect of CO2 laser scar removal good?

With the development of science and technology, plastic surgery technology is more and more developed, and the problems on the face of human beings can be solved by corresponding technology. With the increase of age, the appearance of various scars is also very annoying, and now CO2 full face laser resurfacing has become a scar removal method chosen by many people with scar troubles. The effect is good and the safety is high. How about CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing machine? What are the methods? Bvlaser Bestview will introduce to you below.


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What are the four advantages of CO2 laser scar removal

1. CO2 laser scar removal can effectively improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, making the face smooth, delicate and elastic. It is a better choice for scar removal.

2. CO2 laser scar removal does not require a vacation, and there will be no edema, red scars and other discomfort after the treatment. After the treatment, you can immediately return to normal work and life, and do not need to rest at home. It is suitable for busy white-collar workers.

3. CO2 laser scar removal can improve various skin blemishes at the same time, such as telangiectasia, brown scar spots, and enlarged pores.

4. CO2 full face laser resurfacing treatment, breaking through the limitations of traditional treatment, so that the effect reaches every part of the whole face.

What are the methods of CO2 laser scar removal?

1. CO2 laser scar removal method For general pigmented scars, pigmented laser can be used for treatment. During the treatment, the doctor will hit the CO2 laser beam on the scarred part of the skin. It feels like a rubber band bounces, and the pain is not too great. Due to the different skin quality of the individual, the reaction and adaptation to the laser are also different. Therefore, try it locally first to see how the skin responds, and let the patient understand the recovery process after CO2 laser treatment. If the effect is good, then treat the rest of the skin. Scars do a comprehensive treatment. For the course of CO2 laser scar removal, superficial pigmented scars such as freckles and blue-black tattoos usually only need 1 to 3 treatments to achieve satisfactory results, while nevus of Ota generally requires about 5 treatments (each time more than 3 months apart).

2. For sunburn scars, old people’s scars and other scars where the degree of keratinization is more serious, or the epidermal cells are thicker, you can first use a microdermabrasion laser such as an ultra-pulse CO2 laser to “shave off” the raised part of the scar, and wait for the skin to After the wound is fully healed, the pigmented laser is used to remove the remaining melanin.

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