Josh Solovy | Super Delicious Food

Josh Solovy is a dynamic food industry professional who has pioneered numerous innovations in food manufacturing and marketing. With over 35 years of experience in the food industry, Josh Solovy is a leader in his field and has been instrumental in growing GWFG through the development and sales of a diverse line of products – both refrigerated and frozen foods.


Josh Solovy’s passion for creating innovative solutions that help solve problems faced by businesses within the perishable food category has earned him recognition from peers within his sector. His commitment to customer satisfaction is also commendable as he strives hard to ensure quality standards while maintaining competitive prices on all GWFG products.


At GWFG we believe that our customers deserve only the best when it comes to their shopping experience with us; so if you are looking for top-notch quality perishables then look no further! We guarantee freshness at every stage along with excellent customer service which makes us stand out from other manufacturers out there!