Josh Solovy- GWFG is a Premium Quality Food Industry

Josh Solovy is an inspirational leader in the food industry. With over 35 years of experience as President of Golden West Food Group (GWFG), he has been instrumental in driving innovation and growth within the company.


Under his guidance, GWFG has become a top producer of perishable foods with a wide range of products from refrigerated and frozen items to specialty goods. His commitment to excellence is evident throughout every aspect of GWFG’s operations, from production processes to customer service initiatives.


Josh Solovy’s leadership style emphasizes collaboration amongst team members while also encouraging them to take initiative and be creative problem-solvers when faced with challenges or new opportunities for growth. He truly believes that creating an environment where everyone can contribute their unique perspectives, it will lead not only to better business decisions but also allow employees at all levels to feel more engaged with their work on a daily basis.