LED Mood Light Factory – Why Everyone Needs Mood Lighting

Take a look at the benefits of the mood lights below and decide for yourself. Why not include a wonderful lighting solution that is undoubtedly included in your home? After all, who wouldn’t want their interior to do a double job?


How does emotion enhance lighting?

We talked about the benefits of natural light before. However, if you live in the sun and travel long distances is not always a viable climate, what can you do? Emotionally enhanced lighting can bring bright sunlight indoors.


It sounds simple, enhancing emotions by mimicking the bright light of the sun. On beautiful summer days, the sun’s brightness can reach nearly 100,000 lux. However, the interior lights – most of us are affected during the long winter – can only be around 100 lux. Although not very capable of copying real things, these lights can provide you with a strong 10,000 lux boost.


Most importantly, they are very simple to use. All you have to do is set up the lights where you sit down – a recommended distance of two feet – and start your business. Your doctor recommends that you limit your time in the light, as overexposure can cause minor side effects such as eye irritation.


They help fight depression

Have you noticed how happy everyone in the summer looks? For whatever reason, as the temperature gets warmer, everyone looks lighter and carefree. It turns out that some relaxed attitudes can be attributed to the amount of sun exposure and emotional enhancement we can get to help you deceive the calendar.


It’s all about melatonin, a brain chemical that is naturally produced when we are exposed to the dark, and is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm, or any that occurs in a cycle of about 24 hours. Physical and mental changes in the body. . However, too much is attributable to the feeling of depression and depression. Phototherapy reduces melatonin production by deceiving the brain pineal gland.


How much light is needed to offset seasonal depression depends on your case. It is recommended that you check with your doctor about your treatment plan because factors such as gender, age and pre-existing conditions may affect the severity of your seasonal depression.



They can reduce their desire

Interestingly, the amount of natural light we receive also has an impact on our diet. Think about it: How do we start eating when the weather gets cold? The refreshing product begins to give way to a heavier, more comfortable food dish and a warmer stick to your ribs meal, let us spend the day.


This shift in eating habits is also due to the influx of melatonin. Some of the symptoms of melatonin overdose include: craving for carbohydrates and sugars, excessive eating and a tendency to not exercise. All of this can add some unexpected weight gain.


However, by slowing the production of melatonin and restoring normal serotonin levels, you should feel the strong desire to begin to subside. Not only that, you will begin to feel the improvement in energy levels, which will make it easier for you to stick to your fitness routine.


You will have a better night break

We all have those days: When you wake up in the dark, you just feel that you are not sleeping at all. Then, you work in the office all day, and when you are ready to go home, it darkens again. In those days, you may feel that it is impossible to sleep and spend a day in your eyes.


Can you guess the culprit? Again, it is melatonin. The same small chemicals are also responsible for regulating our sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.


By spending your entire day under harsh fluorescent lights or in the dark, your body clock will never have a chance to reset your day. Conversely, melatonin that drowns your brain insists that it is always about to settle down for a long night’s rest. Using lights in the morning can help you reset your internal clock and prepare for the upcoming busy day.


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