Legs and Frame

Bocheng’s welding table frame provides a quick and easy adjustment for welding on all sides of a rectangular frame. The frame railing fixings are exposed and the upper and lower angle steels of the frame are exposed, which is convenient for welding operations. Mechanical clamping elements with spindle compression are located adjacent to the welded joint, allowing for sensitive compensation of irregularities in the joint. The clamping angle on the left target forms the 0 point for the x and y axes. The frame welding jig can be rotated approximately 225° to 360°, depending on the size of the component, to allow the frame to be welded on the backside.


Welding table frame easily adapts to each new project, shortening project lead times and increasing productivity, accuracy and repeatability. Machined holes in the grid pattern are used to position, locate and secure fixtures with modular clamps and assemblies. 1 3⁄4″ slots between plates help provide optimum flexibility.