Linsheng Electromechanical Co , Ltd , Intelligent Sweeping Robot: Three Points


Smart sweeping robot purchase strategy, how to choose smart vacuum cleaner. The emergence and popularity of various smart products has made people no stranger to artificial intelligence. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, various intelligent machine products have made great progress in their performance, and intelligent sweeping robots are one of them. Today’s smart vacuum cleaners are already very powerful, and they can completely replace manual or even artificial cleaning of houses. However, there are many models of smart vacuum cleaners of various brands. How do we choose when purchasing?    Linsheng Electrical Co  , Ltd.    explains three points.


1, choose the cleaning route efficient intelligent vacuum cleaner


Early intelligent vacuum cleaners changed the route by collision during the cleaning operation due to technical limitations, and then performed random cleaning. Nowadays, due to the improvement of intelligent planning and mapping navigation technology, the sweeping robot has been able to intelligently detect the surrounding environment through its own sensors and equipment, and intelligently plan and clean. Despite this, the sweeping robots with different cleaning routes have a large difference in cleaning efficiency. For now, the most efficient route for cleaning is the bow sweeping route.


2. Choose a smart vacuum cleaner with excellent battery performance


Smart vacuum cleaners on the market today are now generally equipped with automatic refilling. When you run the house and suddenly run out of power, it will automatically find the power supply and then go back to the original place to continue cleaning. It seems that having a battery that lasts for a long time is not important to the sweeping robot. In fact, if the number of recharges is too large, the impact on the robot is not good. Especially for some houses with large size, it is very important that the battery has large capacity, long life and low energy consumption.


3. Choose a smart vacuum cleaner with excellent cleaning ability


There is a lot more to say about the need for smart vacuum cleaners to clean. However, what kind of sweeping robots are excellent in cleaning ability? For intelligent vacuum cleaners that have been cleaned up and cleaned almost all household garbage, the key to cleaning ability is not critical. It is necessary to look at some cleaning details and difficulties. A sweeping robot with excellent cleaning ability can usually clean the corners and other clean-up garbage, and it can also handle difficult-to-handle garbage such as easy-wound hair.


There are ways to purchase smart vacuum cleaners. So, which smart vacuum cleaner is worth buying in the many smart vacuum cleaners on the market today? The Cobos DD35 is equipped with the Cobos Blue Whale Cleaning 2.0 system, which is based on the biological structure of the marine mammal, the blue whale. Predation characteristics, design cleaning structure of the sweeping robot. The whole cleaning system consists of a bilateral brush, an interchangeable suction roller brush, a sealed non-destructive air duct, a blue whale micro control water tank, a constant pressure floating rag, and a three-layer filter dust box. The cleaning and mopping is two-in-one, and the cleaning is more powerful. Especially worth mentioning is that the Blue Whale Micro Control Water Tank is the core component of the DD35 Wisdom Wet Tow. It not only has a large capacity of 300ml, but also can wet the whole house once with water, and adopts a new pressurized flow control technology to accurately control the water volume. , that is, drag and dry to prevent accidental water seepage. In addition, the DD35’s innovative constant pressure floating design ensures that the rag is deeply decontaminated against the ground. .


The emergence of artificial intelligence products in our lives has brought us an excellent life experience and greatly improved the quality of our lives. If you need a relatively better cleaning experience and a higher quality of life, it is critical to find a way to buy and buy a high-quality smart vacuum cleaner.