Linsheng – Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner “Bright”


linsheng    said: With the upgrade of consumption, users pay special attention to the use of vacuum cleaner products. The function points of large suction, convenient use, long life and easy cleaning are more and more concerned. As a result, more and more users have chosen wireless handheld vacuum cleaners.


Below, Lin Sheng briefly analyzes the development of smart vacuum cleaners in the market


Wireless handheld retail sales rose the most


According to the data analysis of relevant research institutions, in 2017, the domestic online vacuum cleaner market sold a total of 15.668 million units, and the sales volume increased by 30.2%. China’s local brands are eye-catching, accounting for 61.6% of total sales, and continue to lay the foundation for local brands in the vacuum cleaner market.


From the growth rate of retail volume and retail sales in the vacuum cleaner market in the past two years, the growth rate of retail sales is much higher than the growth rate of retail sales, which indicates that high-end products are experiencing rapid growth; from the perspective of changes in the landscape, wireless handheld vacuum cleaners The retail share gained the most, the vertical growth was stable, the share of robots and mites slowed down, the horizontal share declined significantly, and the growth of wireless handheld vacuum cleaners and verticals limited the growth of other categories, while also limiting other The price of the category has risen.


In the vacuum cleaner brand, mainly Dyson, puppy, Midea, and Lake. Among them, Dyson is mainly high-end, and the products are mainly based on the price of several thousand yuan, representing the model V8; the puppies are covered at all price points, mostly at the price of about 1,000 yuan, representing the model D-531 , D-535.


In 2017, the local vacuum cleaners with a total sales volume of more than 1.5 million units are puppies and beautiful (excluding sweepers).


Thousands of sweeping robots are also smart


The intelligent sweeping robot is a rookie that has emerged in recent years and has developed rapidly in 2017. With the advancement of technology and the continuous decline in manufacturing costs, robot vacuum cleaners that used to cost thousands of dollars have gradually become close to the people.


The intelligent sweeping robot has improved the multi-sensor technology, making the cleaning route planning more reasonable, and the automatic charging positioning has become more accurate, which can be well applied to small households with dense homes. Among them, the “credit” of Xiaomi and Cobos is not small. Xiaomi’s Mijia sweeping robot and Covos Dibao DD35 rely on accurate path planning and accurate data processing capabilities, and first broke into the price range of 1000-2000 yuan, opened the price of 1,000 yuan, the prelude of high-end experience.


For other brands, irobot, Fomat, Pusannik, Panasonic, etc. all have a corresponding share in this market.


Small bucket vacuum cleaners market


Bucket vacuum cleaners have always been the preferred choice for vacuum cleaners in public places and private homes due to their large capacity, high power, and large suction. From the domestic vacuum cleaner market survey report in 2017, the retail volume of barrel vacuum cleaners reached 1,865,700 units, an increase of 59.7% over the previous year. The growth rate was higher than that of horizontal vacuum cleaners and micro vacuum cleaners, only slightly lower than the vertical vacuum cleaners.


For the building home market, although the “barrel” price is approachable, the size and noise are prohibitive for consumers. In recent years, with the development of vacuum cleaner R&D and production technology, many small barrel vacuum cleaners have entered the market, which has both powerful performance and large optimization of product footprint, which has led more and more consumers to choose barrel vacuum cleaners as Household.


linsheng    believes that the innovation and research and development of product technology under the premise of market demand is the key to the overall blowout of the vacuum cleaner industry. Compared with the development of household appliances, the market for small household appliances such as vacuum cleaners is in a rising stage. The diversity of market products and the diversity of trend changes make the small household appliances market have more room for development. From the perspective of the domestic consumption upgrade, the national consumption level is constantly improving, which will inevitably lead to the shift of consumers’ demand for “enjoyable” small household appliances after meeting the rigid demand of household appliances.