Loan signing agent

A borrower signs the necessary documents to complete a mortgage loan transaction during a loan signing, sometimes referred to as a mortgage signing. A notary portland who has received specialized training and authorization to handle loan signing paperwork is known as a notary loan signing agent. The notary signing agent’s responsibility is to watch the paperwork being signed and make sure the borrower is doing it voluntarily and without coercion.

As a Notary Signing Agent, the following are the general stages involved in a loan signing:

1. As required by the notary rules of your jurisdiction, confirm the borrower(s)’ identity. The normal method for doing this is to examine the borrower’s official photo ID.

2. Check the loan documentation to make sure everything is exact and complete.

3. Address any queries the borrower(s) may have and go over the documentation with them. The Notary Signing Agent might not be able to give legal counsel, but they need to be able to respond to general inquiries concerning the paperwork.

4. Request that the borrower(s) sign the paperwork in the Notary Signing Agent’s presence. The borrower will then sign the documents in front of the notary signing agent, who will subsequently offer a notarized certificate of acknowledgment if necessary.

5. Ensure that all signatures are obtained and that copies of the documents are created in accordance with the standards.

6. In accordance with the instructions given, send the original, signed paperwork back.