• $14

Magnetic Stove Flue Pipe Thermometer

Magnetic stove thermometer consists of aluminum dial, bi-metal thermometer sensor, brass pointer and metal handle, durable, and responds quickly and accurately to temperature changes, allowing you to know the temperature of the stove at all times.


Features of Magnetic Stove Flue Pipe Thermometer

Wide Scale Range: 0-500℃/100~900℉, the pointer moves with smooth movement instead of sudden shaking, easy to read, and responds quickly to temperature changes.


Stove Thermometers: Clearly indicate the ideal firing temperature, ensure you don’t overheat your furnace and burn hot enough to prevent creosote buildup in the chimney, monitor and optimize furnace efficiency.


Easy to Use: Very compact and easy to install, its clever magnetized design means you can place it on any metal part of your stove or flue, very convenient.


Uses: Accurately document creosote buildup, optimum furnace performance and proper temperatures to increase efficiency and reduce fuel waste, for a wide variety of uses.