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Lepu LP-M3-11 Cholesterol Analyzer Blood Lipid Meter

In vitro quantitative determination of cholesterol (CHOL), concentrations in human whole blood (capillary blood or venous blood) using the principle of light reflection. The main harm of hypercholesterolemia is easy cause coronary heart disease and other atherosclerotic diseases. This test is performed for individuals who need a cardiovascular risk assessment and lipid-lowering drug treatment.


Features of Lepu LP-M3-11 Cholesterol Analyzer Blood Lipid Meter


Micro blood: sampling (35μL).


Long standby (Test more than 1000 times).


Light and convenient, easy to carry.


Large screen display results clearly.


Dry Chemical Method.


Product Parameters of Lepu LP-M3-11 Cholesterol Analyzer Blood Lipid Meter


Test Sample

Whole blood (capillary blood or venous blood)

Blood Collection Method

Blood collection needle

Detection Range

CHOL: 2.59-12.93mmol/L (100-500mg/dL)

HDL: 0.39-2.59mmol/L (15-100mg/dL)

TRIG: 0.51-7.34mmol/L (45-650mg/dL)

Test Time

≤120 seconds

Result Storage

200 latest results


4 AA/1.5V batteries

Battery Life

1000 times


Quality control test card, Disposable blood sampling needle (optional), Disposable micro blood collection device (optional)

Test Temperature


Test Humidity



140mm x 82mm x 25mm (length x width x thickness)

LP-S3-01 Adapted Equipment

LP-M3-11 Cholesterol Analyzer

LP-S3-01 Packaging Specifications

1/ 10/ 20/ 25/ 50 per box

LP-S3-01 Store Condition

2℃~30℃, 12 months (Unopened)

(Note: Dear customer, LP-M3-11 Cholesterol Analyzer doesn’t include LP-S3-01 Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Test Card. If LP-S3-01 is necessary, you need to purchase it separately).