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MDHC Centrifuge Tube

MDHC Centrifuge Tube Contains a large, white frosted writing area.


Easy-to-read black graduations in ±2% increments.


RNase-, DNase-, and endotoxin-free.


Autoclavable at 121 °C and freezable to –80 °C.


Sterile tubes are sterilized by irradiation.


Various Centrifuge Tube for Your Selection

Microcentrifuge Tubes

Prepare, transfer and store samples securely Whether you’re preparing, transferring or storing samples, these multipurpose microcentrifuge tubes and caps can be used with confidence.

Centrifuge Test Tube

MDHC leak-proof conical-bottom centrifuge tubes prevent breakage and leakage during high-speed centrifugation and are made of non-cytotoxic medical grade resin that allows users to easily see sample volume and color.

Centrifuge Test Tube

Microcentrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge Test Tube


Advantages of MDHC Centrifuge Tube

MDHC Centrifuge tube caps are available in two styles. Flat caps are leak resistant and feature a molded-in elastomeric sealing ring that keeps the sealed tubes completely secure. These caps are ideal for vortexing chemicals and long rocker incubations. Plug caps feature a deep sealing area and offer a secure seal for extended storage.


Centrifuge Tube Possible Uses

Centrifuge Tube is Easy to Use

Disposable plastic centrifuge tube with snap cap for trouble-free piercing and forms a tight, leak-free seal, that is can be opened easily even with gloves.


Centrifuge Tube Common Usage

Great for liquids, DNA extraction experiments, seed containers, food colorings, craft use, geocache containers, use a microcentrifuge to separate proteins from the sample matrix, etc.


Centrifuge Tube for Sample Handling

Sample storage, chemical analysis, and sample separation.