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MDHC Serological Pipette

MDHC serum pipettes are sorted by the sample volume;


Up and down scales allow easy reading of dispensed and remaining volumes.


Quick & easy identification.






DNase / RNase-free.


Various Serological Pipettes for Your Selection


Individual Packing Serological Pipette

MDHC Individual Packing Serological Pipette with filter to Prevents contamination of pipettes by aerosols and liquids, bidirectional scale for intuitive reading of remaining liquid quantity.


Serological Pipette Possible Uses


Serological Pipette for Quantitative Liquid

MDHC Serological Pipette accurately measures or transfer-a a fixed volume of liquid.


Serological Pipette Other Uses

Serological Pipette is widely used in cell culture, bacteriology, clinical medicine, scientific research and experiment fields.