MQ-090 MQ-092 Bronze Wrapped Bushing

MQ-090 bronze wrapped bushing, using tin bronze alloy CuSn8P/CuSn6.5P for material, Surface rolling diamond pockets, to store grease or graphite powder ,to rapidly build up a lubrication film at the start of movement and thereafter reduce the startup & running friction;it has good fatigue strength and bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.Widely used in agricultural machinery, forestry machinery,building machinery, construction machinery, such as high load low speed occasions.(also known as FB090 or B09)

Application characteristics

1.the advantages of light weight and low cost,for compact application,easy fitting;2.oil pockets stored oil or grease, then the time for apply oil is extended over 5 times than the ones of general copper sleeve;3 extremely high bearing capacity, especially can match the shafts with rough surfaces;4 high heat dissipation, small expansion coefficient, stable use, long service life;5.Excellent wear resistance with lower friction;6.Chemical resistance.

Chemical CompositionMaterialCuPbSnCuSn891.3%8.5%0.2%

Refer to the standard of DIN17662 ISO 4382-2: 1991; CW453KThe actual composition proportion is allowed to up or down in certain range