MQ-20 Boundary Lubricating Bushing

MQ-20 is made of high quality low-carbon steel as backing,sintered porous bronze layer as the medial layer,then POM+MoS2 mixed with them as the inner lubricating layer;Suitable for reciprocating,rotating and oscillating movements;Less maintenance requirements;Low wear and therefore no swelling,good damping behavious,good resistance to shock ( also known as SF-2 or DX)


Application characteristics

1.Good loading Capacity and anti-wear,anti-impact & shock;2.Perfrom well in little of grease or perfect in abundant grease;Especially well suitied for applications where lubricant can not be supplied continously or repeatedly;3. In high load capacity and low speed with rotational,oscillating or frequent stop-start motions;4.Applied in Automotive chassis,forging machine,metallurgical,machine tool , building industry,agricultural equipment,forestry machinery, construction machinery,etc.