MyQC Single Inspection

A cost-effective service to provide quality inspection, factory audit, and container loading supervision in combination with the MyQC App. Unlike the traditional third-party QC inspection service, TradeAider’s MyQC Service is more efficient, professional and transparent. Buyers can monitor the whole inspection (audit, supervision) service online through MyQC App, seeing the hot photos, videos and comments sent by TradeAider QCs onsite the production site of the factory, asking TradeAider QCs to focus the camera to any places the buyers want to see, giving any instructions to the TradeAider QCs to find and solve the problems onsite the factory. In one word, although the buyers are far away in their own countries, they are just like inside the factory seeing everything by themselves. If you are looking for China quality control inspection services in this post-pandemic era when travel is restricted, MyQC will be a good choice.


Types of MyQC: Single Quality Inspection Services

In-line Inspection Service

Final Inspection Service

Factory Audit Service

Container Loading Supervision Service

Apparel Inspection Service

Textile Inspection Service

Apparel Accessories Inspection Service

Machinery & Tools Inspection Service

Housewares & Home Decor Inspection Service

Footwear Inspection Service

Furniture Inspection Service

Toys & Children’s Products Inspection Service

Sporting Goods Inspection Service

Lighting Inspection Service

Others Industry Inspection Services



In-line Inspection

In-line Inspection of the quality inspection service refers to the inspection scheduled when approximately 30-50% of the goods are finished while the rest are in production. It is usually used to confirm that the factory has followed the original production quality requirements and procedures and that the finished products and in-line products meet the customer’s quality requirements and relevant standards and regulations.



Final Inspection

Final Inspection Service is comprehensive quality control and inspection management on the quantity, main quality indicators, characteristics, and packaging inspection of the products before shipment. And issue the audit report notarized by the blockchain certificate and notary office, to help you find and solve the problem in time.



Factory Audit

Unlike the traditional 3rd-party quality inspection services providers, TradeAider conducts a comprehensive and authoritative third-party assessment and audit on the key information of suppliers, such as business qualification and environment, production capacity and equipment, quality management, and warehousing, which directly touch the production source, and issue an audit report with authoritative credibility notarized by blockchain storage and notary office.



Container Loading Supervision

TradeAider’s QC service also covers container loading supervision. Carry out complete checks of containers according to checklists or invoices and supervise the entire loading process. After the container loading supervision is completed, TradeAider will issue you an authoritative and credible audit report. Blockchain technology is utilized and certificates will be issued by Public Notary Office to prove the integrity of the QC and the authenticity of the Report.


Why MyQC Service?

TradeAider’s MyQC Single Inspection Service, different from the traditional third-party quality inspection services, is completely transparent through our advanced App, more professional, more efficient, with higher integrity, and much lower cost. Please refer to the chart for easy comparison.


TradeAider MyQC Quality Inspection

Traditional Ways of Quality Control

In-line Production Supervision

Final Judgement

Finding the real situation and

Can be too late.

solving the problems during the production.




Monitor the whole QC process online

A cold inspection report

wherever you are via TradeAider’s App,

afterward without knowing

receive the hot photos and videos the QC

who did the inspection beforehand.

has just taken onsite the factory,


discuss and instruct him(her),


just like you are onsite the factory by yourself.




Place order request on TradeAider Apps

Make booking several days in advance.

wherever and whenever a professional QC


will be onsite at the factory serving for you


as quickly as within 3 hours.



Possible Corruption

Blockchain technology is utilized and

Meet possible corruption problem.

certificate issued by Public Notary Office to


prove the integrity of the QC and


the authenticity of the Report.


Superb Price


As low as USD142 per man day+ discounts.

You know


The Creative 4 Right Concept of MyQC Inspection Services

Right Persons

Professional QCs with strong production background specializing in different products.


Right Time

At the early and mid-stages of production, not at the last minute.


Right Place

At production lines, not at Finished Product Warehouse.


Right Thing

Report the reality to the clients, leave the decision to be made by clients, not by QCs, hence minimizing the big problem of corruption.


MyQC Single Inspection Service Procedures

Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.

Download TradeAider App

Scan the QR code on the right to download the App.


Or visit TradeAider web app via the browser on your PC.


Place Order

Place your QC service request on either of the two apps and a TradeAider Customer Manager will be in contact with you immediately.


Once the QC is arranged please arrange the payment.


View Report

Your QC is on-site at the factory. You can monitor the entire process and communicate online with the QC, the Customer Service Manager, and even the factory manager. It will feel intuitive as if you are supervising the QC process at the factory personally.


You receive the draft report online during the QC service and the official report within 24 hours. For any inquiries, please contact: [email protected], or phone: +86 571 88396782