Quality Assurance Service


Traditional third-party quality assurance services can not ensure the product quality of your orders as they have limited resources and do not bear responsibilities for any quality losses. While TradeAider provides innovative outsourcing quality management solutions named WeGuarantee to GUARANTEE the quality of your orders meets your standards and specifications based on our creative combination of 70,000+ QC specialists near manufacturers throughout China with our specially developed smart WeGuarantee App. If not, we will share claims arising from quality issues with manufacturers.


Two Ways of TradeAider’s QA Services

WeGuarantee: Quality Guarantee



Quality Guarantee

The quality of your product is GUARANTEED throughout the entire production process by TradeAider’s professional quality control team made up of QCs, merchandisers, and a smart WeGuarantee App.




Single Inspection

The number of traditional third-party’s quality assurance inspectors is limited and the cost is high. We now provide a completely different solution in QC inspection services which is cost-effective.


WeGuarantee & WeSource


Traditional Third Party Quality Assurance & Trade Agency

Aspects / Objects

WeGuarantee & WeSource

Traditional Third Party Quality Assurance & Trade Agency

Lower Cost

3-5% on top of the factory cost

15%-25% on top of the factory cost


1. Buyers find the factory and fix the price directly with the factory.

You don’t know the real cost price of the factory, especially when it comes to the buyer’s China office. Corruption occurs very often.


2. TradeAider’s WeGuarantee quality control service charges 3-5% on top of the factory’s cost price negotiated by the buyers’ selves.

Quality Control

Quality is GUARANTEED. If not, TradeAider will pay 15% plus 10% (total 25%) of the claim amount arising from the quality issue. The factory bear 85%. So, a total of 110% of the claim amount will be compensated to the buyer.

They don’t bear any responsibility. All the claim amounts will be 100% charged back to the factory.

Ways of Management

Much more professional and efficient by integrating smart IT systems like WeGuarantee App, and the manufacturer Database on TradeAider’s official website.

The old management model is outdated and not professional enough.

QC Team

1. Over 70,000 professional QCs throughout China and nearby the manufacturers.

Limited QCs with limited professional production background who have to travel a long way to the factory to do inspections. It’s just a random inspection which is far from enough to ensure the quality is in sound condition.


2. They can be at the factory checking everything anytime whenever necessary.


3. They control the quality from the very beginning when orders are placed with the factory until before the shipment. So, it is TQC (total quality control) throughout the entire production process to prevent any quality issue from arising.

Merchandiser Team

1. A detailed action plan will be performed jointly by the factory and by TradeAider’s experienced merchandising team and monitored by buyers on WeGuarantee App whenever and wherever they are.

Limited merchandiser with a limited professional product background


2. All the photos, videos, and text reports of real production situations recorded in the App are block-chained and publicly notarized. A “Quality Confirmation Sheet” will be issued by TradeAider before shipment.

WeGuarantee App

1. All the actual production situations of the factories are tracked, inspected, and reported by TradeAider QCs onsite the factories and updated daily on the WeGuarantee App by TradeAider merchandisers.

With paper and pens (outdated style)


2. The samples in the different stages are displayed in 3D by the fitting models for the buyers to review, comment, and approve on the App, saving huge time of the different samples being sent by courier backward and forwards between buyers and the factories.


3. The entire production process can easily be monitored by the buyers through just a quick glance at the App and confirmed by a single click on the App, wherever and whenever.


MyQC vs Traditional Third Parties



In-line Production Supervision


Finding the real situation and solving the problems during the production.




Monitor the whole QC process online wherever you are via TradeAider’s App, receive the hot photos and videos the QC has just taken onsite the factory, discuss and instruct him(her), just like you are onsite the factory by yourself.




Place order request on TradeAider Apps wherever and whenever, a professional QC will be onsite the factory serving for you as quickly as within 3 hours.




In order to make sure of the integrity of our quality inspection service, blockchain technology is utilized and certificates will be issued by Public Notary Office to prove the integrity of the QC and the authenticity of the Report.


Superb price


As low as USD132 per man day + discounts.


Traditional ways of Quality Control


Final Judgement


Can be too late.




A cold inspection report afterward without knowing who did the inspection beforehand.




Make booking several days in advance.


Possible Corruption


Meet possible corruption problem.




You know


FAQs Of TradeAider’s Outsourced Quality Assured Services

Where are the QCS located?Where are the QCS located?

We have more than 70,000 QCs distributed in 2,000 different counties and cities, which covers all the major production areas in Mainland China. A professional QC can be serving you as soon as within 2 hours.



Which service should I choose, MyQC or WeGuarantee? Which service should I choose, MyQC or WeGuarantee?

WeGuarantee service is the most popular choice of our customers because, unlike traditional third-party quality control, it supervises the entire production process and guarantee the quality of the products. If not, TradeAider will bear the responsibility of any quality issues.


If looking for outsourced quality assured services has dragged too much of your attention, WeGuarantee is your best choice.