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Nanoptic 90 Plus

Nanoparticle Size Analyzer

The Nanoptic 90 Plus (nanoparticle sizer) is an optical detection system newly designed to measure the particle size and size distribution of nanoparticles.

Measurement: Particle size and size distribution

Particle size range: 0.4 nm – 9 um

Testing speed: ≤ 5 minutes per test

Small quantity of sample required: 25 µl – 1 ml

Temperature control range: -10°C – 110°C ± 0.1°C

Repeatability: ≤1%

Accuracy: ≤1%

Scattering angle: 90°

Detector: APD

Technology: Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)


DLS Nanoparticle Size Analyzer with High SensitivityNanoptic 90 Plus is a nano particle size analyzer based on the DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) theory. It can measure nanomaterial down to  0.4 nanometer. The measuring range of Nanoptic 90 Plus nano particle size analyser is from 0.4 to 9000 nm. It is an ideal tool for particle size measurement of proteins, colloids, emulsions, CMPs, inkjet inks, and a variety of nanoparticles.  


Features and Benefits

1) High-speed measurement capability:

Faster measurement speed; all results can be edited and processed later; a result could be achieved in 2 second for a fast scan.


2) High-performance laser:

High power, excellent stability, long life, less maintenance.


3) Intelligent intensity adjustment:

The software intelligently adjusts the intensity according to the signal-noise ratio.


4) Optical fiber detection system:

High sensitivity, effectively improved signal-noise ratio .


5) Intelligent signal judgment system:

Intelligently identifying signal quality and eliminating the effects of random events.


6) Extended temperature range:

Accurately controlled temperature ranged from -10°C – 110°C to meet the measurement requirements of the user.


7) Good stability :

Excellent repeatability of results; little requirement for regular maintenance.


8) Various algorithm:

Integrated with various algorithm and adjustable parameters covering scientific research requirements.






Particle Size Measurement

Size range (Diameter)

0.4 nm – 9 um*

Sample volume

25 μL – 1 mL

Measurement angle


Analysis algorithm

Cumulant, General Mode, CONTIN


Toluene > 20 kcps 

Molecular Weight Measurement

Molecular weight range

342 Da – 2 x 107 Da


Viscosity range

0.01 cp – 100 cp*

System Parameters

Temperature control range

-10°C – 110°C ±0.1°C

Condensation control

Dry air or nitrogen

Standard laser 

50 mW High-performance solid-state laser, 671 nm


100 ns – 8000 s, Up to 4000 channels, 1011 linear range


APD (avalanche photodiode)

Intensity control

0.01% – 100%, manual or automatic

Signal Transduction

Single-mode Optical Fiber


Length, width and height 68 x 44 x 23 cm (18 kg)

Power Requirements

220V, 60W

* Sample-dependent