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POCT Hematology Analyzer KT-10

KT-10, a point of care hematology analyzer, adopts the principle of the classic coulter. As an ideal choice for point of care testing, KT-10 is compact, accurate and convenient. This POCT hematology analyzer takes only 1s to start-up and 30s to get accurate 3-part white blood cell differentials and HGB results. What’s more, it is maintenance-free as there is no fluidics system.


With no need for bulky liquid reagents, KT-10 also free up more space in laboratories, clinics, blood banks, and other situations.


Specification of KT-10 POCT Hematology Analyzer

Principle: Coulter DC impedance detection method, identifying and counting white cells, in Microfluidic chip


Parameters: WBC, LYM #, LYM %, MID #, MID %, GRAN #, GRAN %, HGB


Sample: Capillary or venous (EDTA) whole blood


Sample Volume: 5μL


Measuring Time: < 1 minute


Calibration: Manual calibration


Quality Control: A comprehensive on-board QC package allows optimal monitoring of system performance.


Linear Range: WBC: (0.1 ~ 100.0) ×109/L


Dimensions:  W×L×H: 397×242×321 mm


Weight: 10kg


Data management: Data, time, patient ID, lab ID, operator ID, site ID, control ID


Operating conditions: 5 ~ 40 ℃ ,20% ~ 90%,70kPa ~ 106kPa


Power: AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz


Why KT-10 POCT Hematology Analyzer?

Innovative, Ultra-microfluidic cassette, No fluid maintenance


Accurate, Gold standard Coulter principle, Standard QC and calibration


Quick and Easy, 1 second to start up, 30 seconds to result, 5 minutes training time, NO laboratorian needed


Individual test, Disposable one cassette for one test, NO reagent waste, NO liquid maintenance


Professional algorithm, Algorithmic software based on big data in clinical medicine, Backed by thousands of clinical trial data, Intelligent control


Automatic test, Automatic signal collection, One-click print report