Natro Nylon Strap

Nato nylon watch straps provide the ultimate combination of comfort and durability. Premium ballistic nylon webbing and silver stainless steel make it comfortable to wear. Advanced laser heat sealed technical makes it smooth and not scratch hands. Also, it is WASHABLE and DURABLE.


Descriptions of Nato Nylon Strap

Nylon is water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. This means that the strap won’t get ruined when it gets wet and will dry much faster than leather, but it will get wet. Nylon is made from a semi-absorbent material, so water – and sweat – is easily absorbed.


Details of Nato Nylon Strap

· Color – Traditional Camouflage


· Material – Manufactured of a HEAVIER WEAVE ballistic nylon; thicker feel


· Hardware – Stitched; Brushed Surgical Grade Stainless Steel


· Width – 20mm


· Length – Approximately measures to 280mm


Advantages of Nato Nylon Strap

· colorful and thin


· No easy get wet, but easy clearn and dry


· Mixed color is beautiful of it


· Easy to install


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