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NRC Reverse Circulation Hammer

Transannular counter-circulation impactor is also called hollow type impactor, the center is through the round hole, can obtain the complete core or the block larger rock sample.

The working principle is similar to that of ordinary percussion equipment, and it is matched with special reverse circulation bit, which is applied to air reverse circulation continuous sampling impact drilling.

NRC reverse circulation impactor series is the latest reverse circulation impactor developed by our company, which is mainly used for deep hole exploration and drilling and obtaining core samples.


Advantages of NRC Reverse Circulation Hammer:

1. According to the previous experience of ordinary percussion equipment, combined with the trial characteristics of the counter-circulation impactor, optimize the internal structure to make the ability transfer ideal, so as to guarantee the fast drilling speed of this series of impactor and the steady continuous sampling.

2. The internal structure is very simple and the parts are rigid, which ensures long life of the impactor and easy maintenance.

3. The acquisition pipe is one-piece, which can be replaced without removing the impactor.

The acquisition pipe is carburized, so it has good wear resistance.

4. The matching bit adopts the patented design, only the bit needs to be replaced, the same impactor can drill holes of different sizes, and the sample can be guaranteed free from contamination.

5. Under various difficult conditions such as loose soil, hard rock and plenty of water, the sampling work can be completed well.