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NQL Series High Air Pressure DTH Hammers Without Foot Valve

ABT produces the highest quality and efficient DTH hammer and drill bits for the mining, construction, and water well industries. Drilling and blasting engineers and well contractors rely on ABT equipment because each of our product uses superior materials and advanced processes.


Main Features of NQL Series High Air Pressure DTH Hammers Without Foot Valve

The high-pressure submerged hole impactor without nylon tube is a valveless high-pressure impactor designed by our company. It is one of the most advanced impactors in the world, and the pressure is 12-30 bar.


1. Out of the trouble of foot valve fracture expansion and contraction.

2. Lower energy consumption and higher impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15%-30% higher than the one with foot valve.

3. Simple structure, reliable parts, long life span, easy and cheap maintenance.

4. The components are few, the structure is simple, and all the parts are hardened. Therefore, the working life is long, the failure is few, and the maintenance is convenient.

5. the joint box card brazing sleeve is threaded and connected with the outer cylinder, easy to disassemble.


According to the different bits of the drill, it is divided into the following series: