OEM Bussiness

OEM Bussiness

Tianning provides customized home decor service. Our OEM work start from materials and than finishes, crafts, texture, all of the perception views, and finally reach to the certain design language or style base on our product.  


1. Customer inquiry and select the samples to/from Tianning.


2. Agreements on Sales Contract and Agreement.


3. Client’s order forwarding to Engineering & Production Dept.


4. Production Dept produce sample with required specifications.


5. Clients confirm the specifications of sample products.


6. Tianning prepare BOM order and mass production.


7. Client nominate third-party to do Interim inspection & Lab Test.


8. Final sample test and arrange delivery.


Pine Wood

Pinewood is an inexpensive lightweight and widely available type. Pine has very good structural strength and featured with yellowish, whitish tune, brown knot texture and would be perfect for interior design and decorating, pinewood brings a unique aroma into homes and create warm and cozy rooms.


Oak Wood

Oak wood is a highly durable wood type that is used widely in furniture and flooring. Even though there are more than 60 varieties of oak types worldwide, the most common choices are white and red oak. White oak has light beige to brown hues while red oak tends to be pinkish and reddish. The prominent ring of oak gives a coarse texture.


Beech Wood

Beechwood is a mainstay and widely-used hardwood which is typically in creamy yellow and yellowish-brown hues. As shown in the picture, the straight grain varies from fine to medium texture. Mainly used for veneer, flooring furniture, cabinetry, instruments, plywood, etc.


Rubber Wood

Rubberwood is regarded as one of the finest furniture-making hardwood. It’s a moisture absorbent that can only be kept in a less humid environment. Rubberwood is mostly seen as a light blonde tint and would likely turn darker after being exposed to the light. The advantage of rubberwood compare to other natural wood is its durability. The shrinkage and cracking of rubberwood are minimum after years of usage.


Poplar Wood

Poplar wood has white/ivory color tone with green or brown streaks. It’s a very popular material for making the frame of the furniture. The common use for poplar also includes wood pallets, storage, and shipping crates because of their good strength and durability.