• $12.94

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML

Osmo Spray Cleaner 500 ML


  • Low cost oiled surface cleaner and oiled surface maintainer from Osmo

  • Designed to remove all kinds of residue from oiled or waxed surfaces

  • PH neutral, perfume free, harsh chemical free, ready to use, easy to use

  • Highly effective against food residue, dust, light grime, drink spillages

  • It does not affect the finish of the surface and it nourishes the wax | oil

  • Food certified so compatible with all food preparation and serving areas

  • It can also be used to clean and maintain varnished surfaces, plastic, etc

  • The product reacts with the dirt fast and it helps exfoliate it from the wood

  • Suitable for daily residential use & light commercial cleaning | maintenance

  • Sold in 500 ML bottle fitted with a quality nozzle spray | Very low VOC