• $21.14

Osmo Wash And Care Clear 1L

Osmo Wash And Care Clear 1L


  • Highly effective oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer from Osmo

  • It will clean, refresh and protect all kinds of oiled floors, furniture, toys, etc

  • To be diluted in warm water and used for daily cleaning and maintenance

  • The product is compatible with all oiled and varnished wooden surfaces

  • To be diluted 1 to 50 before use, use with a flat mopping system for best results

  • PH neutral, non sticky, cleans fast and leaves no residue behind

  • Compatible with residential and commercial wooden floors and furniture

  • It maintains the wood natural oils | Compatible with a floor cleaning machine

  • The product is manufactured from a natural blend of oils and cleaning agents

  • It can also be used with a standard mopping system that uses little water

  • It prevents grime and dirt from penetrating the wood and it slightly refreshes it

  • The new Osmo Wash And Care Clear 1L is safe and suitable for asthmatics and kids

  • Regular cleaning with proper products reduces the periods between recoating