Overseas EmploymentAgency and Job Hiring

GEOR iternational employment agenay helps Chinese companies to go abroad and expand their overseas business quickly. Option tocomply with hiring local quality employees to expand your business without a local brick and mortar company.

internationaljob recritment agency to handle all local hiring matters for you and help you grow your business globally.GEOR foreignemployment agency can compliantly hire local employees instead of you through the EOR nominal employer solution and reduce thehiring process to 5 days. With no addtional administration or costs, GEOR direct hiring abroad wil significantly reduce your business’time and overhead and support your rapid expansion into overseas markets.

Hiring Employees Overseas with GEOR Employment Abroad Agencies

GEOR employment agencies for international jobs range in 100 countries, saving you time and financial costs by hiring local staff without the need for a branch office

When hiring employees in another country/region, a company’s lack of knowledge of local laws and regulations and hiring violations can have serious consequences. This is because payroll tax and compliance requirements can increase rapidly as a company expands and touches more countries. Failure to handle these details can result in fines, lawsuits, and other legal issues.

GEOR provides comprehensive and effective employment solutions. Your team will enter into full-time employment contracts with our legal entities in over 160 countries. GEOR not only handles compliance issues, payroll and HR management requirements for each country and region, but also ensures that employees are onboarded quickly and efficiently.


GEOR abroad employment agency handle compliance matters

GEOR abroad employment agency help companies with all their local legal compliance needs. Our overseas employment services include handling unions, social security payments, tax payments, employee termination claims, and more.

Local employment contracts with legal effect

Simplify your recruitment process and GEOR abroad employment agency will be your trusted legal backer

GEOR international employment sites streamline the document collection process

GEOR international employment sites help your business expand globally by ensuring your business is compliant with all tax, employment compliance.

GEOR overseas recruitment company protect you from the risks

Let GEOR overseas employment services assume responsibility for compliance with local laws. When your employees go through our entity and enter into a full-time employment contract, our local company takes full responsibility for legal matters.

Why hiring employees overseas

Expanding into new markets is a critical step for businesses aiming to broaden their global footprint. Hiring employees overseas provides firsthand insight and understanding of local customs, consumer behavior, and market dynamics, enabling targeted and effective market entry.

Lower operational costs in regions where labor and production expenses are more favorable can lead to substantial cost savings, bolstering the company’s competitive stance and allowing for greater investment in other areas of the business.

Business expansion is inherently linked to overseas recruitment and can lead to diversification of revenue streams, thereby minimizing dependency on a single market and strengthening the overall financial health of the organization.

Culture and language expertise play a pivotal role in global operations. Hiring employees with local knowledge and language fluency facilitates effective communication, fruitful relationships with clients and partners, and tailoring products and services to meet specific market needs.

Flexibility and increased productivity are key benefits of overseas employee recruitment. A geographically diverse workforce offers operational advantages, such as round-the-clock work schedules, enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency.

Access to an international talent pool provides businesses with diverse skill sets and experiences, fostering innovation and adaptability within the organization. Such diversity contributes to a vibrant organizational culture, attracting top talent, enhancing employee engagement, and promoting inclusivity and a global mindset.


Abroad hiring and overseas jobs employment for China company

GEOR Abroad hiring agency offers a comprehensive global human resource labor management platform that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses. The abroad hiring agency’s primary aim is to facilitate the connection between companies and top-tier international talent while ensuring that the hiring processes adhere to local labor regulations. With a focus on International Recruitment Solutions, GEOR Global Recruitment serves as a leading recruitment outsourcing service provider committed to delivering efficient and compliant global recruitment solutions for companies worldwide.

The company positions itself as a one-stop human resource management solution provider for Chinese enterprises seeking to recruit and manage digital global employees. By leveraging its technology platform and professional services, GEOR aspires to become a global leader in human resource labor management by offering services such as foreigner recruitment, foreign talent recruitment, and overseas jobs employment agency, among others.

With branches in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing, international job recruitment agency, GEOR Abroad hiring agency provides a wide range of customized recruitment solutions across different regions, catering to the specific needs of businesses. The overseas jobs employment agency’s global market experts specialize in connecting companies with the best international talent, ensuring full compliance with local labor laws.

As experts in the international job recruitment agency overseas recruitment process, the abroad hiring agency offers comprehensive support, ranging from managing interviews and creating offer letters to facilitating the onboarding of employees. This enables businesses to focus on their global expansion goals, safe in the knowledge that the complex challenges of overseas recruitment are being handled with efficiency and expertise.

Overall, GEOR Abroad hiring agency’s comprehensive suite of services and global expertise make it an invaluable partner for companies looking to recruit and manage international talent while navigating the complexities of global labor regulations.