Pre-school foreign language teachers 20K – 25K CNY per month

Job responsibilities

Classroom Practice

1. Lesson planning, delivery, assessment and recording.

2. Giving constructive feedback to student’s performance.

3. Implement Kids ‘R’ Kids age-appropriate curriculum effectively.

4. Record and assess student’s performance from physical, cognitive, social

and emotional domains and so on.

5. Attendance at and contribution to school meetings.

6. Participation in professional development activities within and outside the


7. Responsible for demo class to enroll new students.

8. Parent liaison where there are student concerns.

9. Attendance at official Kids ‘R’ Kids functions.

10. Leading professional development initiatives derived from Kids ‘R’ Kids

workshop attendance.

11. Contribution to Kids ‘R’ Kids sporting, cultural and special student activities.

Job requirements

– Nationality: USA/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa

– Educational background: Bachelor’s degree or higher

– 120 hours TEFL certificate or 2+ years teaching experience

– Gender: Female

Teaching Jobs in China

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Frequently Asked Questions

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