PakGent 10ul Extra Long 46mm Low Retention Pipette Tips

These 10ul extra long 46mm universal pipette tips are designed for use in molecular biology and biotechnology laboratories. They feature an extra-long design for easy access to deep wells and microplates. They are made from robust polypropylene and are compatible with a variety of pipettes and lab equipment.


10ul Extra Long 46mm Low Retention Pipette Tips FAQs


What Is the Difference Between Low Retention Pipette Tips and Normal Tips?

The term “independent” refers to a person who is not a member of a group.



Are Low Retention Pipette Tips Autoclavable?

Yes, low retention pipette tips can be autoclaved without affecting their surface treatment or performance.



What Are the Benefits of Extra-Long Low Retention Pipette Tips?

These low retention pipette tips’ extra-long form enables for better access to deep or narrow tubes, lowering the danger of sample loss or contamination.



Can Viscous Samples Be Used With Low Retention Pipette Tips?

Yes, low retention pipette tips are suitable with viscous samples because the specific surface treatment lowers substance adherence to the tip, resulting in less sample loss or contamination.