PakGent 1000ul Extra Long or 1250ul Universal Pipette Tips


1000ul Extra Long or 1250ul Universal Pipette Tips: These tips are ideal for larger-volume pipetting and ensure a tight seal, even when used with high-viscosity liquids. The extra-long length of these tips provide greater accuracy and make it easier to reach deeper into tubes.


Advantages of Using 1000ul Extra Long or 1250ul Universal Pipette Tips

The 1000ul Extra-long or 1250ul Universal Pipette Tips have a greater volume capacity, making them the ideal choice for handling very large volumes of liquids. The extra-long design of these tips reduces the risk of contamination, minimizing cross-contamination between samples. The universal design makes them compatible with various pipette models, reducing the need for multiple types of tips.


Additionally, these tips provide a higher level of accuracy and precision since they can handle larger volumes of liquid. The ability to handle greater volumes saves time, increases productivity, and completes pipetting tasks more efficiently. These tips reduce the amount of reagent waste, especially when handling more significant volumes of samples. The Extra-long or 1250ul Tips are easy to use, generally packaged in convenient configurations for ease of dispensing.


Overall, these tips offer an excellent solution for laboratory researchers handling large volumes of liquid, providing increased accuracy, efficiency, and reduced waste.