Payday Loans

Both loans come with high-interest rates and fees – Payday Loans more so – but the similarities pretty much end there. Payday loans are short-term installment loans that require the borrower to pay the entire balance by their next paycheck; usually within two weeks. In contrast, personal loans are designed to be paid off over a longer period of time, between three months and five years.Another major difference is the number of money borrowers can borrow. Personal loans typically have lower loan limits than payday loans, but borrowers usually have more options with personal loans, including larger amounts of money. Like payday loans, personal installment loans are at the discretion of the lender, and loan amounts depend on your credit history.

Short Term Loans are small loans that are repaid in a short amount of time. Short-term loans are quickly becoming one of the most popular online loan products due to their quick, easy application process and consumer-friendly repayment options. Short-term lenders usually offer various types of credit products including installment, payday, tax refund anticipation, cash advances, overdraft protection, and more through direct deposit. Short-term lenders also go by the following abbreviations: MSR (mortgage servicing right), AFS (asset finance solution), Asset-based lending, and BFS Capital is used for business financing solutions. Short-term loans are small loans that are repaid in a short amount of time.

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