Piston Pump Manufacturers : The Characteristics Of The Piston Pump

Gear pumps are a popular choice for the hydraulic industry. Gear pumps that are generally reliable and inexpensive have been in operation for decades. How can it go wrong? Depending on the specifications of the machine you are building, you may want to consider five reasons for moving to the piston pump, the    Piston Pump Manufacturers     states:

1. Higher horsepower – The higher the horsepower (hp) on the machine, the more likely it is to save a lot of fuel by switching to the piston pump. The gear pump is fixed displacement – constantly providing the same flow. As horsepower increases, more flow is required, and the gear pump wastes more energy by not changing the flow as needed.

2. Efficient multitasking – As more and more machines are in demand, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are adding features. Each function typically requires different flow rates that the piston pump can regulate, providing efficient power usage, resulting in less energy wastage than a constant flow gear pump.

3. Increase control – Gear pumps can only be controlled through valves and manifolds, while piston pumps offer a variety of control options. Some of the available options are load sensing, pressure compensation, electronic displacement, torque, electronic inverse proportional pressure and remote pressure control. With these controls, movement from the gear to the piston pump helps machine designers eliminate components and increase design flexibility.

4. Improve cooling – Cooling requirements vary from machine to machine, depending on duty cycle, operating environment, etc. If the cooling demand is variable, should the cooling system not be variable? Through the piston pump and inverse proportional pressure control, the fan drive system reacts to temperature, speeding up the fan as the oil temperature rises, and slowing down during cooling.

5. Efficiency – Ultimately, every point listed here returns to machine efficiency. Continuous flow works in some equipment, but because of the more efficient machines required by regulations, variable piston pumps can help designers achieve higher horsepower, more work, better control and improvement without sacrificing efficiency. Cooling.

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