Portable electric breast pump

3 operation modes, 9-level suctions

Anti-reflux design

24mm food-grade silicone shield


One-stop breast milk feeding

Operation with low noise, with night lamp


Benefits of breast feeding for mothers

Studies have shown that women breast feeding babies are less likely to develop

breast cancer and ovarian cancer later in life. During breastfeeding, you can only

take in 400 to 500 extra calories every day to produce enough breast milk for

your baby.


Manual pump vs Electric pump, which is better?

New mothers are often confused when choosing a breast pump, as they can be divided into two categories: manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps.

Manual pumps – Manual breast pumps work without electricity. They are hand operated and can only be used for one breast at a time. The pump is placed over the breast and the other hand is used to ‘pump’ the lever in order to create suction. These pumps are often less expensive than the electric ones and are usually quite light and compact, making them a good choice for those on a budget or with limited space.

Electric breast pumps – Electric Breast Pumps are operated either through a power outlet or battery. They come in models that allow for single or double breast expressing. The cup is placed over the breast and the suction is created for you, freeing one hand for other tasks. A one-stop feeding mode that doesn’t waste every drop of breast milk, with a wide range of suction options, this makes the electric breast pump very user-friendly and essential for new mothers and those who need to pump every day.

Both pumps can be very effective in drawing out milk for storing and/or bottle feeding. Your lifestyle, pumping schedule and budget will usually determine which is the best fit for your needs.


Benefits of Electric Breast Pump

1. Directly connected to the milk bottle or milk storage bag, no waste of every drop of breast milk, one-stop breastfeeding (from sucking – storing – heating – feeding) the whole process almost the entire sterile, no need to worry about spilling and pouring, to ensure freshly sucked milk fresh to drink.

2. There are 27 gears, including three main modes – massage mode, breast pumping mode and milk array mode, each with 9 gears to suit all mothers’ breast pumping needs.

3. Using Japanese Spiral Flow™ lactation technology, a cyclone massage from the upper breast wall stimulates and increases milk production, combining comfort and effectiveness to maintain lactation and increase milk production while feeling natural.

4. An anti-backflow valve is provided to prevent backflow of breast milk during pumping.

5. 24mm food grade silicone shield, BPA free, to suit most breast sizes.

6. All other components are made of full PPSU from BASF Germany, which is BPA free and safe.

7. The machine runs almost silently throughout and comes with its own light band.