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Primacy of Best Sexologist Doctor in Patna, Bihar for treatment of WPN | Dr. Sunil Dubey

Are you standing in queue of the clinics of best sexologist doctors in Patna? It is only Dubey Clinic that is 60 years old Ayurvedic Clinic of Bihar that is reliable for natural treatment of all sexual patients. Dr. Sunil Dubey is India’s No 1 Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor who practices at Dubey Clinic every day. Just consult him and bid an adieu of your sexual problem forever.

Hello friends WPN discussed in today’s topic is so important that most of the people will benefit after reading this article. They will feel comfortable because they will know that they have treatment, medication, and primary options for this Weak Penile Nerve (Urethra and Erectile Tissues).


WPN stands for Weak Penile Nerve which refers to the urethra and erectile tissues. Nowadays, most of the people complain that they have erectile dysfunction and their sexual desire is decreasing day by day. This WPN plays an important role in this sexual dysfunction. We will know this topic completely and Dr. Sunil Dubey, Top Sexologist in Patna will share his experience and treatment with us.


The world famous Dr. Sunil Dubey is working as a senior sexologist doctor, sexual medicine counselor, sexual therapist, and Ayurvedic medicine researcher in India. He is the first Indian sexologist doctor who is honored with lots of national and international awards at the same time. In fact, his achievements and contributions are priceless where Bharat Gaurav Award and Gold Medal show his positive impact and expertise of Ayurvedic medicine and sexology medical science specialist.


Regarding this sexual disease, he says that there are many reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. In today’s time, most of the sexual patients are affected by this weak penile nerve which makes them inefficient in their sexual functions and activities.


The prime reasons of Weak Penile Nerves (WPN) are following:-

More than 70% of people are affected by erectile dysfunction due to multiple sclerosis. It is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders that affect young adults. Most people think that they have masturbated countless times and this sexual problem has caught up with them. Here, their ideas are correct, at least for some cases.


Dr. Sunil Dubey says that injury to the nerves or spinal cord, surgery to the pelvic area, and Peyronie’s disease are responsible for this sexual disorder. He adds that Peyronie’s disease is caused by repeated penile injury typically during sexual activity or physical activity. In all these conditions, there are 100% chances of Weak Penile Nerves.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunctions in men:

This famous sexologist doctor in Bihar says that if we talk about the causes of erectile dysfunction, there are many reasons for it. In fact, one in 10 men are affected by a weak penile nerve and this is the cause of ED, but apart from this, there are other reasons also which cause this sexual dysfunction.


Certain Medicines:

Taking certain medications can affect blood flow, which can lead to ED in men. In this condition the person feels numbness in the penile due to the side effects of antidepressants.

Neurological Disorder:

Several neurological disorders can increase the risk of ED in men. In some neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury, penile trauma, diabetes, prostate surgery, and stroke can cause of penile nerve damage.


In this condition, the production and function of sexual hormone is diminished and this hormonal imbalance causes of ED.

Endocrine Disease:

A wide range of diseases, injuries, medications, and psychological issues can cause of erectile dysfunction. The names of some diseases are High Blood Pressure, Hormonal Imbalance, and Vascular Disorder. These are the cause of ED in men in different ages.

Hypertension: High Blood Pressure

Drinking and Smoking: High Cholesterol, Obesity

Heart Disease: Cardiovascular Disease

Anxiety & Depression: Relationship Issues


Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are many other reasons that lead a person to erectile dysfunction sexual dysfunction. For the exact solution, the sexual patient needs to consult a sexologist doctor who can help him with all the methods of treatment.


Importance of Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic- Dubey Clinic


With 60 years of people’s trust, Dubey Clinic is the most trusted Ayurvedic clinic in India. It is also the first Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic of Bihar where sexual patients from every corner of India come to this clinic in Patna for their treatment.


Dr. Sunil Dubey is the director and senior sexologist doctor of Dubey Clinic. He has the huge time of experience in this Ayurveda and Sexology medical science. He has successfully treated more than four lakhs of sexual patients of India and today’s time, mostly people want to get their sexual treatment under him. He provides his treatment and medication privileges to all ages of sexual patients (married and unmarried people).


More than a hundred sexual patients contact this clinic over phone and some of them also take their appointment to come to the clinic. Dr. Sunil Dubey helps them all according to their sexual problems. More than fifty sexual patients are benefiting from Dubey Clinic every day. It is a historic Ayurvedic clinic of Bihar which has celebrated its diamond jubilee of 60 years of success. The primary goal of this clinic is to eliminate sexual problems from the lives of sexual patients.


If you are a sexual patient and want to live a healthy sexual life then you should consult Dubey Clinic. This clinic provides complete package of treatment and medicine for your sexual dysfunction through Ayurvedic medicine.


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