Railway Video Analytics

Explore AvidBeam’s cutting-edge railway video analytics solutions designed to enhance safety and efficiency in railway stations. Discover innovative technology for secure and reliable rail operations

About Company -:

AvidBeam® is an AI video analytics company that pushes the boundaries of video processing capabilities with big data distributed architecture. Its expertise in computer vision, deep learning, visualization and neural networks enable AvidBeam®  to offer scalable video analytics solutions for security, safety and business intelligence applications to its customers.

AvidBeam team delivers video processing and analytics products cutting across various verticals and geographies including Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Education, etc in the Middle East, Gulf and North America.Headquartered in the Netherlands with teams in the US, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The story started with spotting opportunities for computer vision that deliver value to business customers, make them feel safer and offer useful insights to their business. The revolution in Artificial Intelligence, deep learning and Big Data has enabled this vision.

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