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Real Moonstone Jewelry

The moonstone enhances the character and gives confidence. It complements and enhances the talent and provides the much-needed focus and support


    • They are suitable for women as they carry the yin energies that help them control their emotions and uplifts their moods. Wearing moonstone jewelry helps in hormonal imbalances and will lead to fertility.

    • it provide peace to the body and soul, thus strengthening the mind and eliminating fears that will help you make better life decisions.

    • As the stone related to the moon energies and the divine feminine, the moonstone can influence the love life, they can ease the pain of the past and open new doors for love.

Moonstone Jewelry

The pretty jewel with the iridescent sheen, moonstone makes stunning jewelry pieces. You can get the best from moonstone when you are wearing them. They highlight the wearer and put them glinting light.

A fact- wearing the moonstone on the full moon will activate its energies and connect to your higher self.