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RMA Support

Since the client hardware used for SD-WAN/SASE services is usually leased, GoSDWAN RMA Support can assist SD-WAN/SASE service providers to return the product under warranty for hardware replacement or repair when it needs to be returned to the factory for repair, and the whole-process inventory and logistics can be achieved by GoSDWAN’s global support network. The two parties can decide how to proceed, either for refund, replacement or repair.


RMA is a key link in the reverse logistics cycle. Since returns are costly for suppliers and inconvenient for customers, by partnering with GoSDWAN, SD-WAN/SASE service providers can quickly establish their own RMA mechanism globally, to ensure that the return policy is implemented to the benefit of both parties.


Features and Benefits of GoSDWAN RMA Support


Global presence

Closed-loop management

Support for global spare parts inventory

24X7 rapid response