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NaaS Adoption (Enterprise)


As the world moves into the post-pandemic era, every company’s IT is leaning towards the development of “Lean IT” and abandoning too many tedious and useless controls. If IT services do not contribute values to business services, then IT services are the root cause for waste. Faced with the increasing demand for telecommuting and increasingly complex cyber threat challenges, Network as a Service (NaaS) has become a silver bullet. NaaS is a cloud-enabled, subscription-based consumption model that allows users to acquire and orchestrate the network ability without owning, building, or maintaining their own infrastructure. In the transition from traditional networks to new network models (e.g. SD-WAN/ZTNA/ SASE), NaaS can help IT teams achieve better business objectives such as agility, availability, scalability, rather than building a larger infrastructure and get a balance between CapEx and OpEx.


Triggers for enterprise Netops teams to adopt NaaS include multi-cloud access and deployment, and security-centric application features (e.g. CASB, SWG, ZTNA, SIEM, IDS/IPS). Conducting small-scale trials among trusted partners, however, is the best practice for introducing new ideas. NaaS Adaption is a service provided by GoSDWAN to assist customers in network lifecycle planning, consulting and management, helping enterprise customers get the ideal solution from NaaS providers by sorting out and re-engineering the user’s infrastructure elements and business processes, developing service level agreement (SLA), elastic bandwidth policies, application performance, security provisions, compliance and other requirements. In this process, professional services work closely with NaaS providers in a system integration manner to optimize network design, strategy, performance, etc. and help customers establish a lean IT value stream with data intelligent management as the core.


Features and Benefits of GoSDWAN NaaS Adoption (Enterprise)


Proprietary tool platform

Expert team

Continuous optimization methodology

Well-established global supply chain support