S11 Series 6kV-35kV power Transformer With Off Circuit Tap Changer

Proudct description

The products comply with the national standard GB1094-2013 power transformer and GB/T6451-2015 “Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer Technical Parameters and Requirements”, and are recommended as the key equipment products of national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation by The State Grid Corporation of China. State Economic and Trade Commission.

S11 series transformer adopts high quality copper winding materials, especially coil insulation and active parts adopt new technology, new materials, no-load loss and load loss are significantly reduced, performance and structure more reliable and superior.

Proudct features

● Good economic benefits

The no-load loss of S11 series products decreased by 10.3% on average, and the no-load current decreased by 22.4% compared with S9 series.

● Long service life

Transformer oil tank adopts closed structure, oil tank and oil tank cover can be bolted or welded firmly, transformer oil will not contact with air, effectively prolong the service life.

● High operation reliability

Improve the sealing parts of the tank, improve the reliability, improve the technical level, to ensure the reliability of the seal.

● Small installation area

S11-m series transformer tank adopts corrugated plate radiator. When the oil temperature changes, corrugated plate will be thermal expansion, can replace the role of oil storage tank. Corrugated plate tank beautiful appearance, small footprint.

Model and Meaning