Sand Control Screen

Application and selection of sand control screens

An important application area of stainless steel woven mesh, is petrochemical industry, this kind of stainless steel woven mesh is high quality standard item, that is very critical to grantee raw material alloy content, mesh micron accuracy and broken wire or double wire elimination.

Sand Control Screen Types

Screen are an integral part of most downhole sand control strategies. Based on pores, there are Pre-Packed Screen, Shrouded Metal Mesh Screen and Expandable Screen. Sand Control Screens are mechanical filtration or retention devices to:


Provide sand retention of the gravel pack and or formatio sand.


Allow passage of fluids during well clean up,production or any stimulation activities, products covered: Wire Wrap Screens, Pre-Pack Screens and Metal Mesh Screens.Ure shall be performed if customer has this customized requirement.


Stainless steel mesh developed in 1980s.


Consists of base pipe,layered filtration jacket and outer shroud.


Less demage occurs during installation.


Corrosion resistence of stainless steel mesh.


Special welding technique eliminates costly sintering; Double –layer media and uniform pores improves performance.