Vertical Leaf Filter

What is a vertical leaf filter?

The vertical leaf filter represents an efficient solid-liquid separation system with a low filtration surface. They are easy to operate and maintain and consist of rectangular filter blades of different sizes, mounted vertically on the outlet manifold of the pressure tank.

Stainless Steel wire mesh owns a typical charateristic is anti strong acid and corrosion;and plays a vital performance in typical area and industries.


Stainless steel woven mesh is a indispensible part of pressure leaf filters.


There are two types of filters classified according to shell design:


· Horizontal Pressure Leaf filters


· Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters


Filtered cake can be discharged as dry or wet cake: For cake drying dry steam or hot air is used. For wet cake discharge additional spray nozzles are provided. Pressure leaf filters finds wide applications in different industries such as edible oil, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & fine chemicals.Horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in various applications in Dewaxing/ Winterization of edible oil, copper refineries, liquid glucose, sulfur, starch, chemicals, fertilizers, and other industries. Consist of mesh with 25micron-150micron,or customized.


When is a vertical vane filter recommended?

Vertical vane filters are best when: When a large filtration area with a minimum footprint is required. When the liquid is volatile and may not withstand vacuum.