Screen Printing Mesh 

The stainless steel printing mesh is made of plain stainless steel wire with high tensile strength and yield stress performance.

Stainless Steel Printing Mesh Information

The stainless steel printing mesh is made of plain stainless steel wire with high tensile strength and yield stress performance. It is a kind of ultra-thin stainless steel woven wire mesh with uniform mesh holes and good solidity. The use of carefully selected special stainless steel alloy materials and the most advanced weaving process ensure that the woven structure is very compact and the mesh thickness is within the permissible tolerance. In order to meet the requirements of high precision printing, the stainless steel printing mesh has a very high precision.


The stainless steel printing mesh is made of plain stainless steel wire with high tensile strength and yield stress performance. It has excellent chemical and physical properties, uniform openings and high-precision properties, and can be used in various screen printing industries and applications.


Raw material Grade: 304, 304L,304N 316, 316L

Stainless Steel Printing Mesh Applications:

1. Electronics:  The electronic industry requires much higher quality of screen printing meshes among other screen printing applications. This is where screen printing must obtain the highest reproduction requirements, standardized production process and exactly defined specifications. Screen mesh parameters, such as tensile strength, dimensional stability, extended service life and best ink release are of great importance.

2. Glass: Screen printing mesh for the glass industry. Screen printing on glass is the preferred printing method for decorative and functional applications in automotive glass, glass for the building industry, household glass, also so-called ‘white goods’ and hollow glassware.

3. Graphics: Screen printing mesh for the graphic industry. Screen printing is excellent for print finishing, displays, posters, transfer-illustrations/pictures and decals and offers ideal conditions for the presentation of high-contrast images, high-detail drawings and brilliant color shades in all imaginable formats. It always provides a first-class result.

4. Plastics and packaging: Screen printing mesh for the packaging industry. Appearance always plays an important role in a purchase decision, whether it is of the packaging, the appliances themselves and/or other commodities. The umcompeted flexibility of screen printing meets all requirements in printable color systems, variable ink-spread, brilliant color tones and high-definition possibilities.

5. Textiles: Screen printing mesh for the textile industry.Without screen printing, textiles having haptic and/or optical effects are virtually impossible. Alongside with letterpress printing, screen printing technology is the most significant printing process and part of our global cultural heritage.

6. Ceramic and tiles: Screen printing mesh for the ceramic and tile industry. In the field of ceramic transfer printing and direct printing on tiles our extensive range of screen printing fabrics easily allow high-definition and high-color application – also with the possibility of having haptic effects.

7. Solar: Screen printing mesh for the photovoltaic industry. The screen print process gives the solar industry a cost-effective technology for applying the metallization layers required to produce solar cells – and meets the high-volume demands as the energy market continues to grow.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Printing Mesh

● High corrosion resistance.

● Good heat resistance to melt.

● Good solvent resistance.

● High tension and low elongation.

● Various mesh counts available.

● Special offer for large orders.