Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard that SEO (search engine optimisation) helps boost traffic to your website. You’ve already read that one approach to accomplish this is by adding long-form content to your website.


Does my website need long-form content, you might wonder?


Let’s first discuss what it is, then. Written content that is longer than 1,000 words and enables you to give your audience high-quality information through research and data is referred to as long-form content.


“All right, but I offer groceries online. Why do I need to produce articles and blog posts?”


Publishing lengthy material will significantly improve your SEO strategy. Because Google’s algorithms like it, it will make it simpler for customers to locate you online.


Long-form content also has a higher likelihood of being shared on social media by readers who value the information. This will increase the number of potential clients who visit your website and establish you as an authority on the topics you talk about.

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