Why You Need SEO For Your Website

A key tactic for getting your company discovered on Google is SEO. SEO is the best solution for long time growth. Yet, it is not a one-time thing. Once your first plan is in place, it needs to be adjusted and modified for maximum effectiveness because SEO measurements are constantly changing.


How frequently should SEO metrics be examined, then?


The size of your website may play a role. One or more times each year, a comprehensive site audit may be necessary. More often evaluations of post performance and keyword rankings are needed.


Hundreds of clients have worked with SEO Growth Partners in Portland, Oregon, on SEO analytics. Following our initial audit, during which we review your complete website and develop a strategy to raise your Google ranking, we’ll continue to:

keep track of keyword performance

Add fresh material

Reword previous material


Each client receives a monthly report detailing their ranks, and we enjoy sharing in their joy as they watch their numbers rise.


Contact SEO Growth Partners in Portland Oregon, if you’d like the benefit of someone frequently reviewing the SEO metrics for your website. We constantly welcome new clients, but we set a monthly client cap to guarantee that each one receives the individualized attention they require.