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Security Body Cameras

Why Body Cameras on Security Guards?

Body Cameras play a vital role in the field of security. Security personnel is often the first to arrive at the scene of an incident because they work in various public-facing environments. Unfortunately, they are increasingly facing aggression or violence while carrying out their security duties.


Without video footage, many quarrels would go nowhere or lead to prosecutions. Additionally, using body cameras facilitates employee training and captures valuable evidence to reveal the truth.


Body cameras can allow full transparency of security personnel interactions with the public, serving as independent witnesses, helping them resolve issues quickly, and giving them confidence in decision-making. Wearing body cameras can help de-escalate confrontations between security staff and the public.


De-escalate violence and aggression

Body camera improves user safety. When people know their behavior will be recorded, they tend to pay more attention to it. This will reduce security personnel’s work problems. In addition, the body camera also prevents false allegations? because you can obtain footage of the incident and verify the facts.


Ease of operation

An body cameras can be worn in various ways, such as on a helmet, on people of all sizes, or as hand-held cameras. What’s more, if an incident turns into an emergency, security personnel can capture and record the footage for possible evidence with one button while streaming live video of the incident’s object view to the operations center.


Data security and integrity

Verbal slurs occur from time to time, making it challenging to find the guilty. Visual evidence overcomes this by presenting accurate facts. Body camera provides security personnel with a solid evidence base. The recording also helped identify circumstances not mentioned in the guard’s incident report, adding another layer of evidence. Also, the information on the body camera can’t be tampered with, distorted, deleted, or manipulated to maintain the integrity and security of data.


Hytera Body Cameras for Security Guards


Hytera offers several body cameras to meet different needs while improving operational efficiency with additional capabilities.


Always be ready to record

With a built-in starlight night vision camera, professional-grade CMOS starlight high sensitivity, and advanced video stabilizer, the Hytera body camera is better than infrared night vision in terms of image clarity and quality. 6-axis Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with more than 500% gimbal stability compared to OIS provides clearer color vision in low light conditions. These features help security personnel detect license plate numbers and faces better and capture highly recognizable images during nighttime patrols or emergency response while increasing video resolution and minimizing image blur.


Effective communication

In addition to recording, the body camera has a three-in-one communication function – PoC over 3G/LTE/WLAN with built-in apps and location services. Video Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) can also be connected to smartphones via BT or WLAN. Hytera body camera has up to 2W speakers and a dual-micro noise reduction algorithm to get clear voice within a distance of 30cm at a noise level of 85dB. In addition, security members or supervisors can also obtain clear real-time images of the scene through the ultra-wide-angle lens of the body camera and the rotatable HD camera when necessary. Then transmit the live video stream to the command center for an immediate response, ensuring the staff’s safety during the incident.


Ultra safe

AES256 encryption mechanism prevents evidence leakage and ensures evidence’s security, integrity, and transparency.



Hytera body camera has an NFC chip with an intelligent identity switch function that allows security members to share one device. This meets the actual needs of the enterprise while coping with the enterprise’s limited budget.


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Embracing Digital Transformation in Physical Security  Making strides in advanced communication technologies to converge with intelligent video – It’s time to take the next step in real-time operations.


Digital Evidence Collection and Management

Data is the key to unlocking new insights and efficiencies that keep security companies competitive. Digital Evidence Collection and Management solution allows you to manage all media types and your body-worn video estate.

Docking Station and Integrated Docking Software (IDS) smartly, efficiently, and securely supports data collection, storage retention and essential evidence management. Massive data is uploaded to Digital Evidence Management System (DEM) for centralized and secure management through Integrated Docking Software (IDS), IP networks, WLAN, public and private networks. This digital evidence collection and management solution enhances collaboration inside and outside your organization.




SC580 is a smart 4G body camera weighing just 158g that allows security professionals to comfortably hold it in their hand or wear the uniform all day long without any burden. Leveraging the Hytera Push-to-talk Over Cellular application and cellular network, the body camera works as a two-way radio to deliver PTT services between the security guard and dispatcher for better collaboration.