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Shock Absorber


Birkom shock absorber is designed by an international team of Koman automobile shock absorber manufacturer, production and management strictly follow the TS16949 international standard.


Shock absorber factory direct supply, shock absorber price is very competitive. Compared with other brands, the warranty period of Birkom damper can be 18 months or 150,000 kilometers. Good truck shock absorbers for sale, please look for Koman Birkom.



Different Types of Shock Absorbers in Automobile

36 Cylinder Diameter Shock Absorber

45 Cylinder Diameter Shock Absorber

50 Cylinder Diameter Shock Absorber

Difference between Air Spring Shock Absorber and Strut

Air suspension shock absorber and struts are parts of the air suspension system and are integral to the safety and comfort of vehicle, but they are actually two different shock absorber parts and function. Shock absorber types are generally divided into front shock absorber and rear shock absorber, and strut are generally installed at the front end of  vehicle. Pickup truck shock absorbers only absorbs the impact force, and  strut  also supports and controls the driving of the vehicle.


Application of Shock Absorber

As a very important part of air suspension kit, shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds after absorbing the shock and the impact from the road surface. The function of shock absorbers directly affects the ride comfort and maneuverability of the vehicle.